She has over 10 years’ experience as a human rights lawyer working in Kenya. She currently works as the East and Horn of Africa Representative for Protection International, an organization that strives to have an enabling environment where human rights defenders can continue to do their work safely through capacity building based on a developed manual, research and advocacy with duty bearers and stakeholders.  Protection International has offices in Asia- Thailand and Indonesia, Latin America- Colombia and Guatemala, Europe- Brussels  -HO and Africa-  Burundi, DRC and Kenya. http://protectioninternational.org/

She previously worked with InformAction, (http://informaction.tv/) a Kenyan organisation headed up by Maina Kiai (immediate former Special Rapporteur on the Freedoms of Assembly and Association) that uses documentaries as its main tool in its social justice activities. She also worked with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute; a Swedish Academic and Capacity Building organisation,  (http://rwi.lu.se/)  and  the  Kenya  National  Commission  on  Human  Rights (www.knchr.org).

These experience has given her a wealth of experience in human rights, postelection violence and capacity building and an opportunity to work in Kenya, Burundi and Southern Africa.

She holds  an  LLM  in  Human  Rights  and  Democratisation  from  the  University  of  Pretoria’s Centre  for  Human  Rights  and  an  LLB  with  Human  Resource  Management  from  Keele University, England.

She is a member of the Kenya Bar Association; Kenya Peace; Truth and Justice Network; Human Rights Education Associates; INPROL; INEEE and New tactics in Human Rights. Ivy is a torch bearer for  the  Dr. Choksey Albinism Foundation which strongly advocates  for children  with  albinism  to  be  interrelated  into  mainstream  education  systems. http://www.albinismfoundation.com/. This saw her appointed    to two schools Board of Management in Kiambu County in 2015-  St.  Andrews Secondary School in Ndenderu and Kiambaa Secondary School

During her LLM, she discovered that she liked to write about things she was passionate about, although time does always make it possible to write as often as she would like, she has managed to write articles on Right to Education and matters Terrorism

http://www.ineesite.org/en/resources/the-impact-ofterrorism-and-counter-terrorism-on-the-right-to-education, Kenyan Jurisprudence http://africlaw.com/category/contributors/ivy-kihara/.

She is a Board member of the African Great Lakes Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund. She also represents all the Protection International Representatives from 7 offices worldwide as a co- Chair of the Advisory Mechanism to the Protection International Board of Directors. In 2016 Ivy was invited to be a mentor in the Young African Leaders initiative.

Other than that, Ivy is passionate about education, setting up systems and structures and wishes to one day transition into working in government, she is committed to service to her  community and recently began working with the Art of Music Foundation  http://artofmusic.co.ke/  as a volunteer consultant -resource mobilisation. This foundation teaches and encourages children and  the  youth  in  underprivileged  parts  of  Kenya  to  engage  in  learning  to  play  musical instruments with an aim of changing their lives.

She is an avid reader, likes to cook and enjoys listening and collecting music. She  also  enjoys  walking  and  makes  a  habit  of  walking  at  night  whenever  she  travels  to countries where this is possible. Ivy being single with no children yet, she dotes on her 2 nephews and niece. She is seriously contemplating getting a Labrador retriever as she loves this breed of dogs

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