About Us.

Women Working with Women


To ensure lesbian, bisexual and queer women enjoy justice, freedom and equity by engaging the society in research, advocacy and socioeconomic empowerment


A society embracing justice freedom and equity

Priority Areas

Integrated Health Services, Capacity Building, Research & Documentation, Advocacy

Who we are

Women Working with Women is a Community Based Organization that started in 2009 and formally registered by the Ministry of Gender and Social services in 2011 to front the voice of women rights in all spheres.
The group was started for women to be able to easily find each other, support each other and work together for the rights of the Lesbians Bisexuals and Queer women in the region. The group was initially meeting in public areas as they did not have any funding. 3W is an organization open for all Kenya women who share the same vision in finding free space for LBQ women in Western Kenya. This was the first openly LBQ organization in Kisumu County.


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