Women working with Women (3W) recognizes that LBQ women still face a lot of violence that go un reported, suffer from stress and depression, stigma and discrimination when accessing services and are also generally excluded at almost all levels of programming. 3W therefore advocates for inclusion of LBQ women’s needs in policies, programs and creates an enabling and friendly environment for the LBQ women to access services without fear of discrimination.

3w ensures this by engaging the duty bearers in knowledge based sensitizations/trainings and dialogues on the needs of the LBQ women and how they can provide this services without being biased of ones gender identity, sexual orientation or expression. In our advocacy we mainly target the:

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Health care service providers
  • Physiological counsellors
  • Parents and Friends of LGBT people
  • Media houses and personal
  • Teachers
  • County gender technical working group
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • General Community

3w also does its advocacy by

  • Participating in policy forums to contribute to critical decision making processes on programming
  • Parcticipate in lobbying sessions to influence meaningful participation of LBQ women on matters health and development
  • Joint advocacy projects with other implementing peers and women rights organizations
  • Participate in the gender technical group meetings and forums
  • Media campaign on issues of sexual reproductive health rights of LBQ women and adolescent girls and young women

Envisioning A society embracing justice freedom and equity.