Do Your Values Affect your Humanity

The first day of our Value Clarification and Attitude Transformation (VCAT) training, titled “Do Your Values Affect Your Humanity,” delved into crucial topics surrounding gender norms, sexuality, and abortion. Participants explored societal constructs of the ideal man and woman, unpacking how these standards influence individual and collective behaviours. The session also addressed the multifaceted causes of abortion, ranging from socio-economic factors to personal circumstances, while highlighting regions worldwide where abortion is restricted, illegal, or permitted on demand. Additionally, discussions centred on the ethical considerations of who should receive comprehensive abortion care, fostering an inclusive dialogue within our Community-Based Strategic Team (CoBaST) to promote safe and respectful practices surrounding reproductive health choices. Throughout the day, participants engaged in learning and knowledge-sharing to better understand and advocate for comprehensive and inclusive abortion care in our community.

The session was interactive with a variety of activities such as crossing the line to determine the level of knowledge and exposure to the topic of abortion both safe and unsafe, drawing what our ideal man or woman is and sharing stories of societal norms we have learnt a lot and continue to learn as we implement this program in the broader LBQT community.  Check Out some highlights:

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