The 7th RHNK AYSRHR Scientific Conference was an exhilarating experience for us! Halima Abba Ali Zaid’s empowering speech on youth-led SRHR advocacy set a dynamic tone, emphasizing Denmark’s steadfast support. From Dr Albert Nwiga’s sessions on self-care interventions to groundbreaking initiatives like ‘Chaguo Mkononi’ for contraceptive access, we championed innovation and inclusivity. We ignited engaging discussions, delivered insightful presentations, and hosted powerful panels that challenged the norm. Our abstract presentation on advancing access to safe abortion for LBQT persons sparked intriguing questions and fostered valuable networks.

As we moved through the conference we were particularly drawn to discussions around bridging the gap between policy and implementation, with initiatives like the Wazii platform by Girl Effect highlighting innovative approaches. Global perspectives shared by Vanessa Sekpon and dynamic sessions at the Youth Cafe kept the momentum strong. Heartfelt thanks to SAAF for their invaluable support—your partnership fuels our mission to advocate tirelessly for safe abortion and inclusive SRHR services. Together, we’re shaping a future where every voice matters in the journey towards equitable healthcare.  Here are some highlights:


We recently participated in a comprehensive session on physical and digital security, facilitated by Wekeswa. Key discussions included:

– Exploring collaboration among human rights defenders across different sectors to enhance community service.
– Addressing the mental health challenges faced by defenders, with a focus on effective coping strategies for vicarious trauma.
– Clarifying distinctions between activists and human rights defenders, and identifying synergistic opportunities in our collective efforts.

In a practical exercise, we tested the strength of our passwords and learned essential techniques for enhancing online security and creating robust passwords.

We extend our gratitude to everyone involved for their active participation in this enriching session. We eagerly anticipate future engagements.

Here are some highlights from the engaging session that we had.