F.A.C ( The U is an “A” and the “K’ is silent)

Leave it to Miss Onsongo to make every session relatable and fun. We always learn so much about the law without having to burry our heads in years of Law school books and terminologies .Yes definitely this session was nothing short of an eye opener with an array of acronyms as well as interesting demonstrations. We discussed:

What the PENAL code states about abortion, this is essential the Book that describes crime in Kenya.

We learnt that all human beings have F. A .C –


Our last session Miss Onsongo took us through a deep drive of abortion globally by this session she brought it even closer home. What abortion Laws were in Kenya, what they are and what we are looking at in a few years to come.

We learnt qualifies to have an abortion according to our Kenyan Laws.

We didn’t leave it there, we also looked at the rights, that protect health care providers offering Comprehensive Abortal Care. Check out our social for some quickbites of the key points meanwhile, if there are no photos it did not happen, so here are the highlights of our session:

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