Observing 16 days of activism

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is abuse or aggression that occurs in a romantic relationship. “Intimate partner” refers to both current and former spouses and dating partners. Types of IPV include: physical violence, sexual violence, stalking and psychological aggression. Survivors can experience mental health problems such as depression and PTSD symptoms.

IPV is a serious public health problem that can have a huge impact on health, opportunity, and well-being. It occurs in all settings and among all socioeconomic, religious and cultural groups. In many settings, widely held beliefs about gender roles and violence perpetuate IPV.

To mark the end of 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence which runs from November 25th to 10th December, in partnership with Trans Support CBO we held an activity centered around defining and sharing experiences based on live realities, among LBQTGNC on Intimate Partner Violence.